My Favorite Things

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do! I am not receiving compensation for these items, just good old word of mouth for things I find useful and helpful in my daily life. Enjoy!

Apple Cider Vinegar is useful for many health benefits. It has been used as a remedy for heartburn after meals, excellent for gut health, pectin in apples helps to lower blood pressure and is helpful in lower cholesterol, and the acetic acid found in vinegar slows digestion of starch which helps to stabilize blood sugar after meals. These are just a few of the benefits. I like this product because it easy to take with you on the go and they have different additives such as turmeric which is good for osteoarthritis and ginger for calming the stomach and aiding in digestion. I add the shot to another of my favorite products- Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry-Pomegranate Juice-using 8 ounces in a glass and stir in the shot. The juice only has 5 calories and 25 calories for the shot. Not too bad for something so good for you! Enjoy!