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I am currently working as a Medical Technologist specializing in Microbiology, Virology, Immunology and Molecular Biology. I also work with a Bariatric surgeon as his office manager. I have a little experience with coaching for proper eating post op gastric bypass (we do the Roux-en-Y exclusively). I am post-op gastric bypass myself July 2001. I have worked to put my life on the right path towards healthy happy living and wellness. I am ready to take the next step and learn how to teach others to experience the transformation that I have had and how to handle the inevitable road blocks they will have along their own path. Recently my body has gone through changes (hysterectomy) and I am learning how to lose the 40 pounds I put on from the body changes and other stresses such as getting engaged and becoming a de-facto mom to two teenagers.

I graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Hospitality Administration and Food Service. I also have a business background because at FSU your BS is issued through the School of Business.

I have 20 years of management experience before returning to school and working in health care. While working as a project manager for America Online I learned all about coaching others to success. I was blessed to go to Bangalore, India for my last project and it changed me and how I view life. I look forward to a shift to coaching in for mind.body.soul and to help others find and nurture their true authentic selves. I look forward to my new journey and working with new people and excellent coaches and helping in service to others.